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Explore the work of Jonathan Chapman through featured locations.

Children’s Hospital | Critical Care Transport

Production - Spotlight on the evolution of Children’s Minnesota's Critical Care Transport Program

Location - Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, and a day in Sumner, IA at Life Line Emergency Vehicles.

Backdrop - Chidren’s PICU, NICU, and the crew favorite, the Helipad.

Styling Highlights - Lots of scrubs!   

Talent - Real doctors, nurses, and patients.

Lunch - A quick stop at the Stars Café for a multitude of offerings never disappoints.

Craft Service Love - All the usual suspects including bubbly water and gummy bears.

Lighting - Fiilex three light kit, Visual Buddha LED panels, BB&S' Area 48 Phosphor Panel.

Camera - (2) Canon 1DX MKII, (1) Canon 5D Mark IV.

The Unexpected - The trip to Iowa and seeing first hand the rig building process.

Prop Love - Scrubs, masks, ECMO, and the numerous blinking lights + shiny textures of medical equipment.

Set Surprise - Snow falling during the helicopter scene for a more dramatic effect.

Quote of the day - “Wash ‘em proud!” “Scrub in, scrub out!”

Spontaneous Inspiration - Being offered the securiuty guard’s gloves amid the helicopter landing - he could tell we weren’t anticipating that snow-globe moment.

Weather - Cold outside and warm inside.

Parting Creative - a short film for the Children’s Hospital Star Gala Fundraiser, and an infinite number of warm fuzzies for being part of this incredible story.

Hands on Deck - John Fontana, Tanya Silver, Joseph McMahon, Patrick Meehan, Kyle Ramsey-Moe, Ashlee Ellert, Amber Young, Justin Silvas, Nick Leisenheimer, Joey Verskotzi 

University of Iowa | Tippie College of Business

Production - Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa - "Hard to Beat for Business”  

Location - Iowa City, IA + Chicago, IL.

Backdrop - A timeless university campus in the heart of the Midwest and the windy city of Chicago.

Set Highlights - State of the art and traditional buildings on campus mixed with the heart of a downtown metropolis.

Talent - Real students: undergrads and graduates alike.

The Hustle - Spontaneous tech-scouting on the streets of Chicago, client and subjects in tow.

Lighting - Mostly ambient with supplemental LED lighting here and there.  

Gear Shout - Freefly's MoVi M5, a perfect compliment for nearly every JCP production.

The Unexpected - Beautifully designed and executed print materials by the Tippie Marketing Team.

Prop Love – A branch with foliage or two for foreground.

Weather – Good overall with a few showers and wintry winds mixed in to challenge our creative minds.

Parting Creative - A library of fresh still photography and video edits.

Lowe’s | Goodbye Buyer’s Remorse

Production - Lowe's - "Goodbye Buyer's Remorse”

Agency - Pure Red

Location - Leola, PA

Backdrop - A massive production studio in the heart of the Amish country (125,000 sq ft to be exact).

Set Highlights - Four Fully furnished kitchen and laundry room sets.

Talent - First time home buyer to seniors in their prime.

Gear - 1 ton Grip and lighting package fresh from Philly.

Lighting - HMI daylight balanced to mimic natural exterior sunlight.

Camera - Canon 1DC

The Unexpected -  Shifting from daylight "real" homes to a sound stage studio environment.

Prop Love - Foliage placed outside windows and doors for that 'real' greenery look.

Weather - 72º and sunny all day, every day inside the studio.

Parting Creative - 12 Final retouched images by Hunny Digital and a :30 spot edited by Joseph McMahon.

Inspired Moments | RAZR

Production - RAZR’s “Inspired Moments” brand refresh

Location - Aster Cafe, Minneapolis, MN

Backdrop - Cobblestones, a European style cafe, & the Mississippi River

Styling Highlights - Navy ball dress & red vinyl wingback chair

Camera - Canon 1DC 

The Unexpected - Dropping star anise into a espresso demitasse cup to nail the perfect splash

Prop Surprise - Perfectly parked motorcycle we embraced as our own

Weather - Fall, but faked a hint of winter for the stocking cap shot

Parting creative - Still image library & two :15 video montage edits

Lake Superior Storm | Canon 1DX Mark II

A short film shot on the shore of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota testing out Canon's 1DX Mark II in 4k, 60fps. We are loving the new 1 DX more each day and while not perfect, it's a pretty nice jump from Canon's 1DC.

The "C-LOG" camera profile was created by Andrew Reid and the footage was graded via Adobe Lightroom through John Rellis' "Export LUT Lightroom Plugin." For those who love to peep pixels, download and check out the 4k Pro-Res file.

Cheers Carl Martin for your talents on the edit + sound and Tyler Stabelford for the 1DX II profile reccos.

Happy Holiday's everyone. Here's to 2017 and the road ahead.

-Jonathan & John | JCP (and Frankie, my 9-year-old-daughter who was the official first AC on this shoot).

3M Littmann Stethoscopes | “The Gift That Keeps On Giving”

As the holidays approach it is a time for sharing and sending messages of hope, remembrance, and caring through simple acts of kindness as well as giving. Interweaving these themes with visual concepts provided by the creative team at Schermer & 3M, we worked on a timely video production for 3M’s Littmann Stethoscopes.

The spot was created to convey the significance of receiving and using a Littmann Stethoscope as a medical professional. With sacrifice and great effort, it was the perfect gift that will span a career and last a lifetime, bridging the first contact between doctors and patients worldwide.

Production Crew:

Photographer / Director – Jonathan Chapman | JCP
Producer – Tanya Silver
2nd Camera – Nicolas de Miranda
Gaffer – Kyle Moe
AC / Story Continuity – Joseph McMahon
Assistant – Molly Meehan
Hair & Make-up – Ashlee Ellert
Wardrobe and Prop Stylist – Cindy Warner
Prep Stylist – Julie Caruso
Production Assistant – Justin Silvis
Production Assistant – Jill Byrlev

Post Production:

Editor – Joseph McMahon
Original Music Score – Chris Joye

Starkey Hearing “It’s Your Life, Hear it Happen” | Boston, MA

As we continually dive deeper into the realm of video and moving pictures I am often asked which I prefer shooting more these days, stills or video? While the mediums are unique with their own challenges, what I am continually drawn to and learn from is how each approach inspires and influences the other. By working in both realms we ultimately come away with a richer body of work; exploring people and places through slightly varied styles of storytelling. In the end, I have no strong preference and welcome the combination of both mediums intertwined.

In the case of the “It’s Your Life. Hear it Happen” campaign for Starkey Hearing, we had about as close to an ideal JCP project as we have had to date. The visual wish list focused on a library of still and motion based assets, shining light on everyday life, everyday “moments of hearing.”

Enjoy the final spot as well as supporting still images from the campaign.

Production Crew:

Photographer / Director – Jonathan Chapman
Producer – Lisa Wagenbach – Point Productions
Studio Manager – John Fontana
DP – Nicolas de Miranda
Field Audio – Patrick Schaefer – Lake 3 Sound
Digital Tech – Chris Worlow
First Assistant – Joseph McMahon
Second Assistant – Sean Lambert
Production Assistant – Brett Wagenbach
Wardrobe and Prop Stylist – Abby Bielagus
Hair and Make-up – Stef Syat
Location Scout – Raymond Forbes
Drone Operations – Oversite Productions

Post Production:

Editor – Joseph McMahon
Music – Joey Verskotzi
Audio Mastering and Sound Effects – Lake 3 Sound & Tom Forliti

Minneapolis Millers Baseball

"I just like how it feels when you are playing the game. It's a beautiful sport" Owen Santiago - 12AAA

This is a personal / passion project dedicated to my son Wesley for his love of baseball and The Minneapolis Millers league that he has played for the past three seasons.

The short film highlights the Millers Youth Baseball Association (MYBA) and their approach to teaching the game.

“Our goal is to place kids at a level of competition that best supports their long-term development, while giving them the best travel baseball experience possible.”

The Minneapolis Millers name has roots as an American professional minor league baseball team dating back as early as 1884. A number of legendary, eventual major league players including Willie Mays, Ted Williams, and Carl Yastrzemski got their start playing with the Millers at Nicollet Park, a stones throw from where we live in South Minneapolis. The Millers team closed their doors after the 1960 season with the arrival of the Minnesota Twins coming less than a year later.

More about Minneapolis Youth Baseball and the Millers organization at MYBA.

A shout and thanks to those that came out to support the project:

Producer & Director - Jonathan Chapman/JCP
Editor - Joseph McMahon
Director of Photography - Jonathan Chapman
Camera Operators - Bill Hickey & Patrick Meehan
Field Audio - John Fontana
Assistant Camera - Justin Silvis
Music - Kevin Matley
Executive Producer - Scott Zosel

United Health Group “Life’s Best Work” | Brazil

Following up on our previous post, the continuation of our collaborative journey with United Health Group's recruitment campaign took us to a new level when we traveled to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

We spent the better part of a week in Rio capturing and telling the stories of our subjects, both at work as well as as documenting their passions and hobbies throughout the city.

What an opportunity and experience to raise the bar once again, with an incredible backdrop to frame up a group of accomplished individual employee narratives.

Thanks to the following people who came on board and added their talents to the production:

Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman/JCP
Production - Tanya Silver
Assistant Producer - Raquel Conde
Edit - Joseph McMahon
Camera Assistant - John Fontana
Second Camera - Joseph McMahon
Set Manager - Henrique Castelobranco
Props / Wardrobe - Ilma Ceiailma
Hair / Make-up - Inez Qcivel
Location Scout - Cristina Perez
Music - Joey Verskotzi
Sound Mixing - Nick Mihalevich

United Health Group “Life’s Best Work” | USA

We've worked with United Health Group on their recruitment campaigns for several years now and each year is a journey of discovery into the 8 to 10 star employees being profiled. It's an opportunity for JCP to translate a subject's work role and passion outside of work into stills and video. We always enjoy collaborating with the employees and learning more about what they do in their personal life and how that crosses over to their work life and vice versa. The connections at times are uncanny and reveal how intertwined two seemingly unrelated roles can be.  

We hope you enjoy viewing the final edits as much as we did making them come to life. 

Our next post will feature a few subjects we profiled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for an international flavor of UHG - Your Life's Best Work. 

Thanks to the following people who came on board and added their talents to the production:

Photographer / Director - Jonathan Chapman/JCP
Production - Tanya Silver
Assistant Producer - John Fontana
Edit - Joseph McMahon
Second Camera - Eric Schleicher
Aerial Photography / Third Camera / Assistant - Patrick Meehan
Camera Assistant - Joseph McMahon
Digital Tech - Karl Herber
Props / Wardrobe - Julie Caruso & Kathy Muellner
Hair / Make-up - Ashlee Ellert
Location Scout - Charlotte Ariss
Music - Joey Verskotzi
Sound Mixing - Nick Mihalevich